Phir Ussi Mod Par

Released On - 08 Mar 2019     2hr 14min

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Phir Ussi Mod Par is a classic new and experimental idea portrayed in the film by legendary director Lekh Tandon.  The film is contemporary on one of the most debated topic in the current times. The issue of the ‘Triple Talaq’ among the Muslim which features quite often among the media and the social media.  

The film undertakes to convey the practicality on the practice of the Triple Talaq which is thought provoking content aimed largely in the present scenario where by religious under currents, is followed by selfish and camouflaged process purposely interpret for personal gains. A story of a woman who raised her son against all odd and ends finds him subjecting the same fate to her daughter-in-law.  The woman rises above the daunting challenges of the society to ensure that justice prevails. An unconventional film with a sensitive subject to deal with, the film has its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in 2018 (KMPL) 

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Times Of India 2 5 Reza Noorani Click Here