Phoonk 2

Released On - 16 Apr 2010     2hr 17min

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Rajiv works with a reputed construction company. He gets assigned a new construction project and thus moves to the new location with his wife Aarti and kids Rohan and Raksha. They explore their new house that has a deserted beach close by and woods behind. One day Rohan and Raksha go around the woods for a walk and find an abandoned doll and bring it homw. All the troubles begin with that one doll, as it is possessed by the spirit of a girl called Madhu, murdered by Rajiv some years back with his friend.


Strange things start happening around the house. The ghost enters Aarti and she begins to behave in a very strange way. Rajiv comes to know it is Madhu who has returned and calls an exorcist but he gets killed. One by one people get killed in the house including their security guard and maid Laxmi. Eventually one day Rajiv gets an opportunity and pushes Aarti off the balcony to her death, thus freeing her body of Madhu’s spirit. The spirit leaves to not return.


The movie is written and directed by Milind Gadagkar and produced by Prashant Burra and P. Chandra Shekar. The music is composed by Dharmaraj Bhatt and Sandeep Patil.