Pyar Ka Live Show

Released On - 21 Feb 2014     2hr 0min

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This is the classic case of a young couple are madly in love but their families oppose their union. Thus they decide to elope and get married. While on the run they experience various hardships to find a place to stay and struggle with being caught by the police. They happen to bump into a so called Tantrik by the name Raj Narayanan Swami. He gives them advice on their future and even offers them a place to stay with food and other facilities for as long as they like.


The couple is in seventh heaven at receiving so much generosity from Swami. But little do they know that the tantric is actually a fraudster with sinister motives and is plotting something big. The couple gets suspicious at his behavior and at the right moment runs for their lives. The Swami on the other hand is now on the look out for the couple and will not give up so easily.


The movie is written and directed by Shailendra Singh Rajput and produced by Vinod Singh. The cinematography is done by Yash Chi Chi and choreography is by Deepak Singh. The star cast includes Ishrat Ali, Rudraksh Pundhir, Rajni Mehta, Mushtaq Khan, Adi Irani, Shiva Rindan, Rajesh Sonune, Upasana Singh and Arundahi Pathak.