Roohani Taaqat

Released On - 14 Mar 1991     1hr 51min

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In a rural area, a powerful and evil tantric has the power to invoke a demon to take revenge on whoever does wrong. Some villagers one day take help from the tantric to get rid of their enemies. However in the bargain, a woman’s innocent husband gets killed as a result. The villagers then decide never to invoke the demon again. After many years however, a group of city youth come into the village on holiday and brutally rape and kill a village girl. Her lover now only wants revenge for her death and goes to the tantric for help. He invokes the demon and causes mayhem in the village once again.


The film is directed by Mohan Bhakri and produced by Deepak Sharma. The music is composed by Naresh Sharma. The story and screenplay is written by Mohan Bhakri. The star cast includes Gurdas Mann,Javed Khan, Sripradha, Kiran Kumar,Jagdeep and Neelam Mehra.