Released On - 01 Jan 1989     2hr 15min

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Raj Kumar lives a simple middle class life. He falls in love with a wealthy girl and marries her. He is always conscious of his wife’s needs and thus has to work harder to give her the comforts she wants. This makes Raj work long hours in office and hardly give any time to his wife, making their relationship tough. Meanwhile Raj meets a sympathizing woman named Hansa and the two become close and eventually start an affair. Things take a drastic turn when a murder is committed and Raj has to give his alibi. If he tells the truth then his affair with Hansa will be out in the open but if he lies, he could be arrested for contempt of court. Raj is now in a serious dilemma.


The film is directed by Vinod Pande and the music is composed by Jeetu Tapan. The star cast includes Hashmat Khan, Chandra and Jaya Mathur.