Released On - 27 Feb 2009     2hr 5min


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Siddharth Roy, has been suffering in jail ever since he was arrested. He has been depressed with the idea of re-connecting with the world that was once his source of life and freedom. However as the day of his release comes near he can see a tiny ray of hope. He bids goodbye to all and is finally out into the real world and tries to engage with this once forgotten world. A writer by profession, Siddharth writes a brand new manuscript in hopes to gain the respect and name he had earlier.


Siddharth also hope to reconcile with his estranged wife Maya who he has not seen in many months. Life as they say is unpredictable and just as he hoped life will be kind to him now on he gets a shock of his life. While at a café, his briefcase that contained his new manuscript, gets exchanged with someone else’s. He is horrified at the turn of events. The bag that Siddharth gets is full of cash, but that doesn’t make him happy.


Meanwhile, the briefcase that is with Siddharth belongs to a dreaded mafia and he threatens the café manager to find his briefcase at any cost or to face the consequences. Siddharth also happens to meet his 3-year-old son and hopes to get his custody. The movie is directed by Pryas Gupta and produced by Walkwater Media and Vistaar Religare Film Fund. The star cast includes Rajat Kapoor, Sachin Nayak, Pradeep Kabra, Pradip Sagar, Ava Mukherji and Ramesh Rai.