United Six

Released On - 04 Feb 2011     2hr 15min


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Six girls from Bangkok are going through a rough patch in their life. Earlier what seemed like a seemingly carefree and blissful life has turned into a nightmare. Nothing seems to be going right, especially for one of them called Jia. She has been having a good post in a bank and now is up for promotion. Her boss however, has other plans for her. He asks her to sleep with him in order to climb higher in her career but she flatly refuses and she is sacked.


Jia has only revenge on her mind and thus she decides to rob the tainted bank along with her five girlfriends. She tells them their ordeal and encourages them to join her in her mission. So they girls agree and start planning the big robbery. They first decide to rent a bakery adjacent to the bank and dig a tunnel to the main room if the bank. As days go by they face many challenges. Their enthusiasm goes down and they are no longer feeling motivated to carry on the mission. They decide to abort the mission.


One day they see the news on TV that the same bank has been robbed and 6 girls are said to have been involved. They are shocked as to how that could have happened. They don’t have the money and are now on the run from the police. Later it is revealed that one of the girls Maddy digs the tunnel alone and robs the bank all by herself and takes the money. The movie is directed by Arynn-Vishal Pritam Katrolia and produced by C.G.Patel.