X Ray - The Inner Image

Released On - 29 Nov 2019     2hr 15min



Vishal stays on the outskirts of Mumbai city with his family, who loves plush greenery and nature. They have a huge bungalow and live a comfortable life. That evening while the family leaves for a family wedding, Vishal decides to stay back and rest. As night comes, he hears a banging on the house gate. Since the security guard is on leave, he goes to tend to the call and sees a beautiful young girl calling out. The girl called Yashi asks for help as her car has broken down. Vishal asks her to stay the night as no mechanic would be available that time of the night. Just then it starts pouring and the duo get drenched.


Vishal then notices how beautiful and attractive Yashi is. Her body is sensuous in the rain and he develops a lust for her. When inside the house with doors closed, he approaches her. She rejects his advances but he persists. She is now adamant and asks him to stop but he doesn’t and comes on to her aggressively. This leads to a chase that will not end so well. The movie is directed by Rajiv Ruia and written by Ram Patil with Rajiv Ruia. The star cast includes Rahul Sharma and Yashi Kapoor.