Bollywood filmmaker Onir has always made thought provoking and hard hitting cinema. His last couple of films like the Juhi Chawla starrer My Brother Nikhil and I Am, among others, are a proof of this. The talented director has just completed shooting his next film titled ‘Pine Cone’. His next release ideally should have been ‘We Are’, but the film has ran into major controversy with the censor board. 

Speaking of making Pine Cone and his film We Are, Onir stated, “I just finished shooting a film called 'Pine Cone'. I wrote and directed this film because I was so angry with the delay and objective to my film We Are, which is a queer love story.” He added, “Pine Cone a story of a gay man through three decades of his life, going through relationships. It's the love story of a man navigating through life in these three decades. It starts in 1999, when the first Gay Pride was held in India. Ten years later, the Delhi High Court decriminalized same sex relationships in 2009. The character's life has another moment in 2019, one year after the Supreme Court decrimininalized homosexuality. So, the story features different historical phases through the protagonist's journey.”