As the summer sun hits the shooting locations of Zee Punjabi's latest hit show Heer Tey Tedhi Kheer, lead actress Isha Kaloya shares her secret to maintaining radiant and protected skin amidst intense filming schedules.

Fashionable Sun Protection- The Importance of Appropriate Attire:

With outdoor shoots being a significant part of the production process, Kaloya emphasises the importance of wearing appropriate attire and employing effective skincare measures to shield oneself from the sun's harmful rays.

Shield Against UV Damage- The Role of Sunscreen in Skin Defense:

Isha Kaloya who is playing Heer’s role in the show Heer Tey Tedhi Kheer, stated, 'I spend long hours under the sun while filming, so I must prioritize skin protection," says Isha Kaloya. "I opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics that cover my skin adequately without causing discomfort. Additionally, I religiously apply sunscreen with a high SPF rating to shield my skin from UV damage.'

Comprehensive Sun Defense- Essential Accessories for Skin Protection:

Kaloya's regimen reflects a holistic approach to summer skincare, combining both fashion and function. She advises fellow actors and enthusiasts alike to invest in wide-brimmed hats, UV-blocking sunglasses, and clothing with built-in SPF protection for comprehensive sun defence.

Stay Hydrated- The Importance of Hydration for Skin Health:

The actress also underscores the significance of hydration, urging everyone to stay well-hydrated throughout the day to replenish moisture lost through perspiration.

'Heer Tey Tedhi Kheer' viewers can witness Isha Kaloya's radiant complexion on screen, a testament to her commitment to skin health amidst challenging filming conditions. Watch Isha Kaloya as Heer in the show 'Heer Tey Tedhi Kheer' Mon-Sat. At 9:00 pm only on Zee Punjabi.