The Netflix movie Murder Mubarak was released yesterday. The movie features an exciting lineup of actors under the direction of Homi Adajania.

A Closer Look at Murder Mubarak's Gripping Storyline:

Murder Mubarak revolves around the Royal Delhi Club which is an elite club for wealthy people in Delhi.  The plot of the movie revolves around the murder of a Zumba instructor, played by Aashim Gulati which takes place in the Royal Delhi Club. As the investigation proceeds by ACP Bhavani Singh played by Pankaj Tripathi all the members of the club become prime suspects in the murder case. the movie follows the investigation and interrogation of the Royal Delhi Club members. The climax unveils who is the real culprit out of all the members presented at the time of the murder.

Positives Of Murder Mubarak- Points Which Makes The Movie Worth Watching:

Murder Mubarak is a crime investigation drama which succeeds in keeping the suspense till the end of the movie. The plot of the movie doesn't feel predictable and keeps viewers interested throughout. The characters featured in the movie are very interesting. Each one of them brings a different personality to the table. Another factor which makes the movie worth watching is the way it has been shot. 

Factors Which Weigh Down The Homi Adajania's Directorial Murder Mubarak:

Murder Mubarak has many negative points which weigh down the movie. In some scenes, the movie feels unnecessary and too loud which leads to the audience losing interest. also, the number of characters which are present in the movie is quite overwhelming. the screen feels clustered with so many characters appearing together.

Cast Performances Reviewed:

Talking about the performances, Sara Ali Khan does a decent performance. in some scenes, she might impress. Pankaj Tripathi as ACP Bhawani Singh is a treat to watch on screen with his perfect comic timing. Vijay Verma looks decent. The other remaining cast which is Sanjay Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Tisca Chopra and Dimple Kapadia overacts in most of the parts.

The final verdict on Murder Mubarak would be the movie since it is interesting and exciting from the outside but when you sit to watch it you might get bored. Murder Mubarak is streaming on Netflix