The first Artificial Intelligence (AI) film, IRaH - The Immortality App, directed by Sam Bhattacharjee, was released on Friday. This film immerses viewers in a world in which humans strive to abuse the power of technology. 'IRaH' is a must-see film that combines suspense, action, and thrills. 'IRaH' stars Rohit Bose Roy, Karishma Kotak, and Rajesh Sharma, among other great performers, and it captivates spectators from the start.

Plot Synopsis of 'IRaH'- Unveiling the Catastrophe of IRaH 5.10:

The plot of 'IRaH' focuses on Hari Singh (Rohit Bose Roy), who established a groundbreaking digital platform named IRaH 5.10. However, when this program ends up in the wrong hands, catastrophe ensues.

Rohit Bose Roy's Stellar Performance as Hari Singh in 'IRaH':

Rohit Bose Roy gives an outstanding performance as Hari Singh, expertly expressing the complexity of his character. Karishma Kotak's part is important to the plot, and she plays it naturally and effectively. Rajesh Sharma's performance as Inspector Dunne is impressive in terms of portraying a serious persona.

Sam Bhattacharjee's Innovative Direction in 'IRaH': Venturing In a New Genre:

Sam Bhattacharjee's directing is impressive since he succeeds in developing a new kind of film. The photography throughout the picture is stunning, taking spectators to a new universe.

IRaH illuminates the ethical implications of technological progress and emphasizes the dangers of abusing technology. It also exposes corporate avarice. The conflict between good and wrong is vividly illustrated in 'IRaH.'