Actor Sandeep Anand, who is part of the show 'May I Come In Madam season 2', produced by Sanjay Kohli and Benaifer Kohli's Edit II Production, says that his character is not someone he relates to. He says that people should also not try to imitate Sajan Agarwal.

“Sajan Agarwal can’t be a real person, and one should never be like Sajan Agarwal for the sake of a happy married life. This character is for fun and people should just watch it for pure entertainment. Yes, as an actor, I try to put nuances into the character from the real world to make it relatable and contemporary. Our team does the same but our purpose is comedy. I take off the mask of Sajan Agarwal and his mindset when I remove my makeup for the day. I have few positive people around bless fully yet I am single though but completely focused on work nowadays with a hardworking team,” he says.

Talking about the preparation for his upcoming show, he says, “Avineshwar Gaddam has made up for me since the first season of May I Come In Madam. He is very passionate about his work too. I trust him for my character looks and also, I trust my cinematographer, Raja Dada (Raja Satankar ). I have been working with him for a few days, I never go and see the monitor after my shot unless it is required for some technical reasons. There’s a lot to do at May I come to Madam set. It's fun. I never feel time.”

Meanwhile, he says that he loves working on TV. “TV has a wide reach. TV actors have frequently been in touch with the audience for years, creating and delivering contemporary content daily. That automatically evolves one as an actor,” he says, adding, “However, I make sure of that fact that the roles that I play don’t affect myself. I learnt this process of detachment in my theatre days, I observe and deliver the character with the help of my director, writers and the team.”