Nowadays, when someone is 'lonely', people's eyebrows are immediately raised. Married or not? Single or committed? A bombardment of such questions begins. And if the answer to both these questions is negative, don't ask..!! What exactly happens to those who are 'single'? What do they have to face? The Dhamal Marathi movie 'Single' which shows the dilemma of singles is coming to our audience on 27th October.

An attractive poster of this film has been released recently. A red heart can be seen in the poster. Whose is it? What does he mean? To know this, we must watch the film 'Single' by directors Chetan Chavda and Sagar Pathak

Since the names of the actors in the film are in the bouquet, who will be the actors in the film? The curiosity of this has remained. We have brought the movie 'Single' for the sheer entertainment of the young audience. The director is confident that the film will give a thrilling experience to everyone, 'single' and not. Kiran Kumavat, Harshwardhan Gaikwad, Sharad Patil, Amol Kagne, Sagar Pathak, 'Single' are the producers of this movie and Sumit Kadam is the co-producer. The film is written by Satish Samudre and the screenplay is by Chetan Chavda, Sagar Pathak and Satish Samudre. The film has music by Abhijeet Kawthalkar, Mohit Kulkarni. The cinematography is by Amol Gole. Filmastra Studios has handled the responsibility of distribution