Released On - 29 Jan 2021     0hr 30min

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Sougata Roychoudhury, an prominent artist is being respected by a scholarly society within the peaceful Kusumpur forest. For widower Sougata, this is often fair an adventure from the offended family of his careerist child. As he navigates the travel, a address storms his intellect — Where can a man elude? He tries to discover the reply to this address in all his accomplishments. His swelled inner self leads him to a life of depression. Some time recently he comes to terms with his vacancy and finds the reply, a catastrophe strikes him difficult and shakes him up entirely. As a secretive town girl appears some time recently him abruptly, the catastrophe makes him realize that there's a stream that streams in between to partitioned life from passing. None can elude from the suddenness of crossing it at the end. The primary lead of Boitorini (The Waterway Between) lead performing artist is the artist Soumitra Chattopadhyay( Chatterjee), who has been granted Army d’ Honor for his imaginative commitment to Bengali movies for more than half a century.