Released On - 29 Nov 2013     1hr 45min



Six friends Ramesh, Prakash, Kumar, Naveen, Deep and Somya decide to go on a trek to an undisclosed mountain in the Western Ghats. Ramesh decides to capture their entire journey on a Full HD camera. All the friends pack their things and travel to Mysore. After entering their names with the forest department check-post, they begin their trek and after a few hours take a break. Ramesh and Prakash go to get water and hear a strange sound. Later they all see a mysterious tree with skulls tied on its branches and a lady’s voice calling out “Rameshaa”. Fearing their lives the group walks away fast. Later Kumar says he finds the way back to the city but starts rubbing his face on a tree and Ramesh notices his face is injured. Then Ramesh wakes up that night and begins vomiting. 

Meanwhile Deepa wakes up and find the biggest stone she can and throws it at Naveen’s head, killing him instantly. She then slits her own throat and dies. Ramesh gets killed by an evil spirit who drags his headless body inside the jungle. Prakash is the one who survives. Ramesh’s camera is found and the entire journey is witnessed in the recording. 

The movie is directed by K S Ashoka and produced by D Krishna Chaitanya.