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Released On - 17 Jun 2005     1hr 30min

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Gautam Singh, played by Shawar Ali meets with a beautiful air hostess named Sonali, played by Dipannita Sharma and the two start getting attracted to each other. Their friendship soon blossoms to romance. Gautam starts imagining a beautiful well settled life with Sonali, where they have a house and family of their own. But his dreams are short lived as Sonali dumps him for no reason and moves on. A devastated Gautam, picks up the pieces of his life and marries a girl named Kim, played by Raima Sen. Gautam meanwhile starts working as a RJ in a popular radio station.


Just when Gautam’s life was going normal and peaceful, he bumps into Sonali after many years at a shopping mall. Both realize they have hidden feelings for each other. They re-kindle their romance. Sonali insists that Gautam divorce Kim and marry her but finding no reason to divorce Kim, Gautam is in a dilemma. He ultimately hatches a plan to get rid of Kim and kills her. Filled with guilt, he confesses his crime to Sonali who is horrified and leaves him. The police eventually zero in on Gautam and arrest him and he is sentenced to death.


The movie is directed by Sanjay Bhatia and written by Umesh Patel. The cinematography is by Nitin Sagar.