Aagaah: The Warning

Released On - 05 Aug 2011     1hr 30min



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Making a livelihood by fishing off the coast of Gujarat, Ramsharan lives a impoverished lifestyle with his mother, Dulari; father Devsharan; wife, Megha, and young daughter, Muskaan. One day about 10 heavily armed terrorists, led by Azaan Khan, take over his boat, kill all occupants, and ask him to take them to Mumbai. Before reaching there, he tries to resist and is shot dead. The group makes it ashore where Azaan is shot dead by police, but the rest unleash a reign of terror before being shot and killed. Ramsharan's family are devastated by his death and attempt to put their lives together with help from their community. Then one day Muskaan goes missing but Megha manages to find her and bring her home. They will soon find out that this is not the same Megha but one who is being eerily possessed by the restless spirit of Azaan.