Aashiqui In

Released On - 11 Feb 2011     1hr 49min

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Cyrus, played by Ishaan Manhaas aspires to be a writer but his father has other dreams for him. He wishes his son to be an excellent swimmer and Cyrus does exactly that so as to not upset his father. Meanwhile April, played by Ankita Shrivastava lives with her widowed father who remarries a woman previously having two daughters. After her father passes away they begin to ill-treat April.


Cyrus and April meet online and begin to chat. They get close but don’t reveal too much about each other. Eventually April learns a lot of things about Cyrus but he doesn’t know about her. She refuses to meet him in real. At a Christmas party April wears a Cinderella mask and doesn’t reveal her identity to Cyrus. She runs off after the party and leaves her one shoe by mistake. Her step sisters humiliate her and try to make it look like she is only lying about the girl in the Cinderella mask.


Eventually Cyrus realizes that April is the girl for him and they unite. The movie is written and directed by Shankhadeep and produced by Shashikant Chheda and Amit Chheda. The music is composed by Nitin Kumar Gupta and Prem Hariya.