Ab Tumhari Bari

Released On - 02 Sep 2005     2hr 5min

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Three older men decide to have some fun and plan a trip to a vacant isolated bungalow. They also arrange for three call girls to join them there to make things a little more pleasurable and satisfying. However, little do they know that the bungalow that they are about to enter will change their lives forever. No one who has entered that bungalow has ever come out alive or sane. They are lost in their passion and rubbish any warnings that are given to them by the neighboring people. There is an evil spirit of a girl who will make their lives miserable.


The movie is directed by Mohan Bhakri and produced by Vinod Kumar. The star cast includes Ram Mohan, Tina Gujjar, Divya Rattan Kumar, Tina Ghai, Subbiraj, Aroop Paul, Sunil Dhawan, Kiran Kumar, Javed Khan, Shiva, Raza Murad and Pinky Qureshi. The music is composed by Anand Singh and the cinematography is done by Arvind R Bhakri.