Released On - 03 Aug 2018     1hr 46min
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Indian Film History



Adrishya is a nonfiction film released in 2018 released as a television series on Epic Channel, filmed on the basis of real life stories of Indian Spies

The film is more like a television show with episodes based on some of the greatest spies in Indian history.  Stories of unsung heroes who fought for various causes and every episode the life of a spy and the dangers he undergoes that is a part and parcel of his job.  The film presents the tales of post and pre-independence era of India.  Some of them that are covered are Bahirji Naik, Shivaji’s Chief Intelligence, Noor Inayat the descendent of Tipu sultan and the Spy for the British in Paris during the World War II.   Durga Bhabi the lady with guts who helped Bhagat Singh escape , Ravindra Kaushik the spy of  Jeevsiddhi Chanakya who had infiltrated Pakistan’s army. The film that is divided into episodes is steadily rated in the top ten shows on the channel.

Produced by Nidhi Tuli, Ashraf Abbas and Akash Thakkar of Rangrez Films and is written by Amit Babbar, Anurag Goswami and Purva Naresh, Nidhi Tuli and Raaghav Dar.