Ae Kaash Ke Hum

Released On - 06 Mar 2020     2hr 15min


Ae Kaash Ke Hum is an Indian romantic film - The Story Revolves around 3 kids and their love, relationship, and fate.



Ae Kaash Ke Hum Hindi movie - Pari (Priya Singh) could be a lady World Health Organization falls loving along with her class fellow, Ayush (Vivaan Shah) however by the time she expresses her love, it's already too late. Ayush and Pari area unit close to confessing their love for every different however a twist of fate keeps them away. once Ayush reunites with Pari years later, Ayush should learn to like Pari who's not herself any longer. The film revolves around field relationships and the romance of 3 kids and incorporates an authentic homesick feel of the '90s. The film was shot in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh The Film is Written and Directed by Vishal Mishra, created by Kiran K Talasila, star - Vivaan Shah of Iran as Ayush, Priya Singh as Pari, Sophiya Singh as Sania, photography Anshul Chobey