Ajeeb Ladki

Released On - 01 Jan 1952     2hr 0min

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Ajeeb Ladki
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Title Singer Rating
1 Ek Bewfa Ko Dil Kaa Sahara Samajh Liya Talat Mahmood, Lata Mangeshkar Lyrics 3 : 10
2 Mera Haale Dil Kaun Pehchanta Hai Mohammed Rafi Lyrics 3 : 11
3 Chhodo Chhodo Jee Piya Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Mahmood Lyrics 3 : 2
4 Do Din Ki Zindagi Hai Mohammed Rafi, Shamshad Begum, G M Durrani Lyrics 3 : 20
5 Mai Banungi Filmi Star Shamshad Begum Lyrics 2 : 56
6 Suno Na Logo Raag Purana Mohammed Rafi Lyrics 3 : 23
7 Chup Chap Chala Ja Door Shamshad Begum Lyrics 3 : 00
8 Dikhla Ke Jhalak Bas Ek Nazar Shamshad Begum Lyrics 3 : 00
9 O Cycle Wale Babu Shamshad Begum, G M Durrani Lyrics 3 : 10

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Ajeeb Ladki is an Emotional-Romantic Musical-Comedy Thriller Family Drama Film exceptionally crafted by Mohd Ehsan. The Story revolves around the life of Two Sisters- A Sweet and kind girl's living with her father after shifting from another town and fells in love with Two best friends- a Kind and simple man- who has a past with their father and he hate them. However, this causes chaos in their relationship- but stayed united for love and fought against the Evil Man- who abducted her father, leading to consequences. Primary Starcast-Agha, Naseem Banu, Cuckoo