Released On - 12 Jan 2007     2hr 24min

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Indian Film History
Indian Film History
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 All Of Me Roop Kumar Rathod 4 Lyrics 6 : 4
2 Jo Maine Aas Lagayi Pankaj Awasthi 5 Lyrics 2 : 5
3 Dilbar Mera Dur Huwa Pankaj Awasthi 3 Lyrics 5 : 53
4 Maula Mere Maula Roop Kumar Rathod 4 Lyrics 6 : 4
5 Bangla Khula Megha Sriram Dalton 4 Lyrics 5 : 18
6 Tose Naina Lage Kshitij Tarey, Shilpa Rao 3 Lyrics 8 : 22

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Anwar, played by Siddharth Koirala, is a Muslim boy living a middle class life in Lucknow. His family rents out a room in their house to a Hindu widow and his daughter Mehru, played by Nauheed Cyrusi. Anwar gets attracted to Mehru and falls in love with her. She however loves a Hindu boy named Udit and runs off with him. Anwar cant bear to know to this and in confrontation accidentally kills Udit. Mehru on learning this is devastated and commits suicide. A tragedy struck Anwar runs away and takes shelter at a temple with a bag containing drawings of temples and letters from Mehru.


Police meanwhile get a hold of Anwar’s bag and it’s possessions and assumes that he is a terrorist who is planning to bomb several Hindu temples around the city. The cops and many politicians surround the temple that Anwar is taking shelter in. Ultimately he is shot by the police and before dying he hallucinates seeing himself as Lord Krishna and Mehru as Meera.


The movie is directed by Manish Jha and produced by Sanjiv Jaiswal and Rajesh Singh. The music is composed by Mithoon and Pankaj Awasthi. The cinematography is by Kartik Vijay.