Apni Izzat

Released On - 01 Jan 1952     2hr 0min

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Apni Izzat
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Dil Mera Tera Diwana Madhubala Jhaveri, Talat Mahmood Lyrics 3 : 13
2 Pyaar Ki Rut Dorangi Talat Mahmood, Madhubala Jhaveri Lyrics 3 : 24
3 Tumhe Apnaa Banaya Tha Rajkumari Dubey Lyrics 3 : 27

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Apni Izzat is an Emotional-Romantic Musical-Thriller Family Tragedy Drama Film exceptionally crafted by Nanabhai Bhatt. The Story revolves around the life of A Sweet and kind girl living with her family and her marriage was arranged with a kind man living with his joint family and she agrees to it. However, they both fell in love after marriage- but misunderstanding arises in their family life- this caused circumstances and they have to overcome it, leading to consequences. Primary Starcast- Motilal, Munawar, David Abraham, Agha