Released On - 17 Apr 1987     2hr 31min

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Anand is a successful businessman and a self made man. One day he is mesmerized by a street dancer named Devki and enjoys seeing her dance. Then his uncle informs him that he must soon settle down and he will come to the city to get him married soon. Hearing this Anand gets worried and lies that he is already married. When his uncle comes to the city Anand makes Devki pretend to be his wife. She plays along and serves his uncle and him well. Soon Anand and Devki fall in love for real and get married. Devki then gives birth to a baby boy Kishen. While travelling by train one day Devki and Anand meet another couple Vicky and Yashoda and become friendly. The train unfortunately has a bad accident where Vicky dies and Devki goes missing. Anand presumes her to be dead.


Yashoda who was pregnant at the time loses her baby but Anand kindheartedly switches his own baby and tells Yashoda it is hers. Years later turns out Devki is still alive and Anand tells her the truth about her son. She demands to have him back but Yashoda is in a fragile state. Soon they come to know that Devki too is miraculously pregnant and will deliver a baby soon. The film is directed by Vijay Sadanah and produced by Chander Sadanah and Vijay Sadanah. The music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The star cast includes Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, Jaya Prada, Sridevi, Saeed Jaffrey, Asrani, Dina Pathak, Ramesh Deo, Bharat Bhushan and Guddu.