Bad Luck Govind

Released On - 09 Jan 2009     2hr 0min

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Govind, played by Gaurav Kapoor is riddled with misfortunes ever since he can remember. Anything he does ends up messed up. Especially at his work place he is hurled with constant nags due to his negative energy he brings in. He starts to work at a TV news channel and relocates to Mumbai, hoping that his bad luck phase will end and he will be a asset to someone for once rather than a liability. But his hopes come crashing down, as he botches up an important job. Upset and annoyed Govind keeps to himself.


Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, they do. A gangster spots Govinds very unique potential of creating royal messes whatever the job maybe. So to teach the rival gang a lesson, the mafia boss uses Govind as bait to botch up the job of the rivals. Meanwhile Govind falls head over heels in love with his neighbor who is a doctor, played by Hrishita Bhatt. He however gets injured in one of his escapades and lands up in the hospital. Now Govind decides to take matters in his own hands to change his luck.


The movie is written and directed by Varun Khanna and produced by Tarun Arora, Varun Khanna, Himanshu Shah and Chirag Shah. The music is composed by Abu Malik and the cinematography is done by David Chalker.