Released On - 06 Jun 2008     2hr 40min

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Suvra (Soham Chakraborty) is a lower middle class young boy, who dreams of becoming a big singer. His girlfriend Jhilik (Subhashree Ganguly) also dreams of becoming a singer. Suvra and Jhilik are both trapped by a company of a reality show organisation. Suvra loses a lakh of rupees, which is actually his college admission fee for computer engineering. But his father cannot bear this shock and suffers from a massive heart attack. To save his family, Suvra gives up his dream and starts working for a TV Channel. The CEO of this TV channel, Sanjay Sen supports Suvra. On the other hand, Jhilik is also exploited by Rohit, son of the reality show organiser. Rohit separates Suvra and Jhilik. But ultimately, with the sponsorship of Sanjay Sen and the sacrifice of Jhilik, Suvra becomes the Singer of Bengal. Suvra and Jhilik are reunited as lovers.