Beehad - The Ravines

Released On - 19 Oct 2012     2hr 5min

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Beehad - The Ravines
Indian Film History


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1 Neta Hai Bhai Neta Hai Prem Prakash, Vinod Rathod, Udit Narayan 5 Lyrics 5 : 51
2 Beehad Malini Awasthi 4 Lyrics 1 : 8
3 Jo Chaho Karungi Mamta Sharma 4 Lyrics 4 : 4

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In northern part of India, lies the Chambal valley that is home to many notorious dacoits like Phoolan Devi, Man Singh, Malkhan Singh, Putli Bai, Kusuma Nain and Nirbhay Gujjar among others. Some of the dacoits have been already killed, while others have been captured and jailed. The real life of these criminals have been documented in this movie. Most of these people are not dacoits by choice, but the unjust social and economic conditions have made them into who they are.


The story of this movie is mainly centered around the most deadly woman dacoit of India, Kusuma Nain who was gang raped in front of her colleague and swearing revenge she brought the Mai Ashtma village into the picture. The movie documents the pain, anger, loss, revenge and power that lies within the darkness of the Chambal valley.


The movie ‘Beehad-The Ravine’ is directed by Krishna Mishra and produced by Dr A K Gupta and Chanda Mishra. The music is composed by Ravindra Jain, Arif Khan and Ramesh Mishra. The cinematography is by Surya Mishra and choreography is by Kanu Mukherjee and Nimesh Bhatt. The star cast includes Maan Singh Deep, Mangal Singh, Sunil Sawara, Anamika Pandey, Deepa Singh, Rajesh Tiwari, Piyush Sahane, Sudesh Paul and Jitender Naruka.