Bhai Thakur

Released On - 01 Jan 2000     2hr 4min

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Gajendra Thakur is a respected and wealthy man in his village. He is married to Janki who is educated and thus isn’t happy about the marriage as Thakur is illiterate. Distressed and unhappy, Janki decides to leave Thakur and goes out of his home. Soon she goes missing and Thakur goes in search of his wife. He looks everywhere and soon comes to know that his wife has been killed. A heart broken Gajendra Thakur is devastated at the news and locks himself in the temple. Soon he has a massive transformation and starts to help the poor people of the village and disconnects from everyone.


The movie is directed by Raja,Willy and produced by Ramesh Doshi. The music is composed by Navin Shivram. The star cast includes Dharmendra, Siddique Durrani, Dinesh Hingoo, Shiva,Amit Panchori,Gurbachan,Devraj,Joginder,Sapna, Upasana Singh,Roma Navani,Pooja Roy,Sushmita,Kany Mukherji.