Shakti Kapoor

Profession: Actor , Guest Appearance, Singer, Supporting Actor
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  • Also Know as :- Shakti Kapoor
  • Profession:- Actor , Guest Appearance, Singer, Supporting Actor
  • Gender :- male
  • Birthdate:- 03 Sep 1952
  • Status:- Married
  • Debut Year:- 1974
  • Active Years:- Till Today

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Shakti Kapoor
Indian Film History
Shakti Kapoor
Indian Film History
Shakti Kapoor
Indian Film History

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Handsome and dashing Shakti Kapoor made his debut in films in the mid 70’s when Bollywood had many villains like Danny, Ranjeet, Prem Chopra etc ruling the roost. Hence despite charming personality and a degree in acting from India’s premium acting institute viz. FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) Shakti Kapoor had to struggle for five years until in was discovered by reputed filmmakers like Feroz Khan and Sunil Dutt.

Shakti Kapoor considers both Feroz Khan and Sunil Dutt as his Godfathers in Bollywood because both gave him a lot of love and adoration and it was due to Feroz Khan’s Qurbani and Sunil Dutt’s Rocky, Shakti Kapoor made a name in Bollywood. Later his jodi with Kader Khan, extracted his comic side and his superlative role of Crime Master Gogo in Andaaz Apna Apna immortalized him in the annals of Indian Cinema.

A disobedient student who was thrown out from school thrice


Like in ‘Reel’ life, Shakti Kapoor in ‘Real’ life too has been rebellious, mischievous and rough and tough guy since his school days.


He was never interested in studies and at school he would always pass in third grade. He would trouble his school teachers and was known as the rough and baddie guy who would frequently indulge in brawls and beat students.


As a result young Shakti Kapoor was dismissed from school- not once but three schools. He moved Holy Child to Frank Anthony Public School to Salwan Public School.


Wanted to have travel business but father backed out


Shakti Kapoor’s father wanted him to become a tailor and help him in his business but Shakti was not interested. He wanted to set up his travel business company. After third grade in graduation in B Com from Delhi’s Kirori Mal College, Shakti joined Mercury Travels and Asian Travels and learned ticketing, visa and cleverly made good contacts in travelling business so as to start his own travel company.


Initially his father agreed to support him in the business but at the last movement he backed out shattering all the dreams of Shakti Kapoor!  


Shakti Kapoor shall remain indebted to his local ‘Panwala’


Readers may wonder why would Shakti Kapoor be indebted to a local Paanwala?


Well, because it was the Paanwalla, from where Shakti Kapoor usually bought cigarette, offered him his first ‘Modeling’ assignment for his local pan stall.


Shakti still remembers Vishnu Panwalla of Karol Bagh, Delhi, who introduced him to Modeling world and showed the path for acting in his life.


Shakti Kapoor married Shivangi Kolhapure despite parent’s opposition


After a dispute with father over travel business Shakti Kapoor left his house in anger leaving his parents in agony. Similarly when his parents were searching a bride for him, Shakti Kapoor shocked them by marrying Shivangi Kolhapure, a Marathi girl, out of their Punjabi culture!


Shakti Kapoor met Shivangi on the sets of the film Kismet, she was 13 years younger to him but they became friends and she began loving him.


When Shivangi’s parents came to know about her secret romance with Shakti Kapoor, they were quite angry because Shakti Kapoor was infamous for his flirts hence they locked her into her room.


 However after being in lock for few days she convinced her parents to break her relation with Shakti Kapoor. When she crossed 18 years, she run away from her house to Shakti Kapoor and on the same day January 12, 1982 both got married!

Both Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi’s parent were against the marriage but after the birth of their first son Siddhanth things settled.

hakti Kapoor’s ragging at FTII


After failure in setting up travel business Shakti Kapoor decided to make a career in films and landed at FTII (Film & Television Institute of India) in Pune. Here he was ragged by his seniors and his stylish hair cut was chopped and threatened not to smoke!!


Wanna know who was his senior? None other but heartthrob of millions Mithun Chakraborty!


 After completing acting course at FTII life was not a smooth ride for Shakti Kapoor. He had to struggle a lot.

He survived doing insignificant role in small movies like Do Jasoos (1975) Khel Khiladi Ka(1977), Darwaza (1978), Sargam (1979), Lootmaar (1980) etc.


An accident with Mercedes car changed Shakti Kapoor’s Life 

Though Shakti Kapoor was struggling to make a career in films but he was making good money from Modeling. He used to move in Rickety Fiat.


Once while he was driving at Mumbai’s posh Linking road, suddenly a classy Mercedes car crashed into his car. Shakti Kapoor was quite annoyed and came out of his car in full fury to thrash the driver of Mercedes but when he saw the driver all his anger fizzed out!!! Who was the driver that evaporated Shakti’s anger?


Well he was the debonair actor cum filmmaker Feroz Khan! Watching Feroz Khan, Shakti Kapoor lost all his temper and began begging to give him a role in his film. Feroz Khan was overwhelmed by Shakti Kapoor’s dashing personality and his stylish attitude!


He gave him a pivotal villain’s role in his super hit film Qurbani (1980) and thus began, Shakti Kapoor’s glorious journey in Bollywood.


Sunil Dutt rechristened Sunil Kapoor as Shakti Kapoor

Impressed by Shakti Kapoor’s villainy in Qurbani, actor cum filmmaker Sunil Dutt, who was making Rocky, a launching pad for his son Sanjay Dutt signed Shakti Kapoor to play the main villain.


But Dutt was not happy with Shakti’s name which was Sunil hence he rechristened him as Shakti and with the mega success of Rocky (1981), Shakti Kapoor became the star villain and was signed by top filmmaker like Manmohan Desai (Naseeb), Subhash Ghai (Hero), Dev Anand (Swami Dada), Prakash Mehra (Dalaal) etc.


The incredible Jodi of Shakti Kapoor and Kader Khan


Shakti Kapoor would have been reduced to just a villain if he had not the privilege of working with veteran actor Kader Khan, who pulled him out from the ditch of villainy and gave a new lease of life in comedy.


The two have worked together in 125 films!


The journey started with Himmatwala (1983) in which for the first time Shakti Kapoor took to comedy and then the duo became so popular that they did many hit films like Mawaali, Tohfa, Maqsad, Geraftaar, Raja Babu, Haseena Maan Jaayegi,  Deewana Mastana, Hero No. 1, Judwaa etc.


In fact the Jodi became so popular that a film Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri was made to cash on their popularity and it was a box office hit!  


Readers will be surprised to know that Shakti Kapoor has not won any awards as villain but has won Best Comedian Filmfare award for Raja Babu.




Filmfare Award - Best Comedian for Raja Babu (1994)






Shakti Kapoor became immortal with Crime Master Gogo in Andaaz Apna Apna


“Crime Master Gogo naam hai mera, aankhen nikal ke gotiyan khelt hoon main….”


This hilarious dialogue from Shakti Kapoor’s film Andaaz Apna Apna (194) has become synonymous with Shakti Kapoor and it would not be wrong to say that the unparalleled character of Crime Master Gogo is the milestone in the career of Shakti Kapoor and it has immortalized Shakti Kapoor in the annals of Indian Cinema.


But what is stunning is that when Rajkumar Santoshi narrated the character of Crime Master Gogo to Shakti Kapoor, he was amused at the silly character and initially had reservation doing the absurd role. But Santoshi was convinced of its popularity and coaxed Shakti Kapoor to daringly attempt the role. He assured him that the role will make him memorable and true to his words when the film was released Shakti Kapoor won wide acclaim for his hilarious role.


In fact he was even nominate for Filmfare Best Comedian award but interestingly the same year he was nominated for his other great comedy role in Raja Babu and was awarded for Raja Babu instead of Andaaz Apna Apna.   

# Released Date Type Credited As Movie
1 31 Dec 2025 Film Supporting Actor
2 29 Dec 2023 Film Supporting Actor Nyay The Justice
3 29 Dec 2023 Film Supporting Actor Vellapanti
4 01 Dec 2023 Film Supporting Actor Animal
5 24 Nov 2023 Film Supporting Actor Anari Is Backk
6 21 Jul 2023 Film Supporting Actor Trial Period
7 23 Jun 2023 Film Supporting Actor Aadharwad
8 30 Dec 2022 Film Supporting Actor Anjana Ishq
9 30 Dec 2022 Film Supporting Actor Lady Singham
10 20 Aug 2021 Film Supporting Actor Aap Jaisa Koi Nahin