Bhoot Unkle

Released On - 06 Oct 2006     1hr 50min

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Bhoot Unkle
Indian Film History

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Shyam goes through many hardships and struggles in his life. Somehow he always ends up getting into trouble and being humiliated. One day a lost video game ends up in his bag and another time a school classmate comes searching for his lost gold chain in Shyam’s house. Fed up of all these allegations and accussations, Shyam runs and reaches an old isolated light house to hide. There he experiences something very strange. He feels as though he isn’t alone.


It is this lighthouse where a pirate’s spirit has been lurking around and lying dormant for many years. He accidentally wakes the spirit and then begins a series of strange events in his life and that of the people around him. He also develops some magical powers that he still has no idea about.


The movie is directed by Mukesh Saigal and produced by Aneesh Arju Dev and Krishna Chaoudhary. The music is composed by Baba Sehgal. The star cast includes Jackie Shroff, Akhilendra Mishra, Dev K Kantawall, Shehzad Khan, Rajesh Vivek, Anurag Prapann, K K Goswami, Rasika Joshi, Shaalu Singh and Manini Mishra.