Black Home

Released On - 20 Mar 2015     1hr 45min

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Black Home
Indian Film History

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Black Home is a movie that deals with what goes on inside a juvenile remand home. Home is hardly a word that can be associated sometimes with unpleasant places like these. These centre’s provide a disciplinary environment to sometimes violent and criminal adolescents. But the truth is, not the youngsters who are brought in are criminals, some of them might be not wanted by their parents while others, may be too poor to provide for them.


These remand homes have been a subject of controversy for a very long time, as many illegal activities have been rumored to happen behind closed doors. The children here are said to live lives worst than hell and are tortured. To find a solid evidence against the evil people running these nasty premises, a news channel head called DK has been doing some investigation. He has made it his life’s goal to finally bring out the truth to the world and expose these dingy places under the pretext of disciplining the adolescents.


The Black Home is directed by Ashish Deo and produced by Shri Vijay Kamble. The music is composed by Akshay Hariharan.