Bombay Boys

Released On - 25 Dec 1998     1hr 45min

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Krishna, Ricardo and Xerxes come to Mumbai to chase their respective dreams and make it big. They don’t know each other yet but happen to bump into each other at the airport and become friends. Krishna wants to be a successful film actor and struggles for it. He must impress an underworld don named Mastana if he wants a smooth entry into Bollywood as he is also a film producer. Ricardo meanwhile gets bad news about his brother but also unfortunately falls in love with Mastana’s girlfriend Dolly, making things even more complicated. Xerxes who is gay happens to catch the eye of his landlord, who is also gay.


The movie is directed and written by Kaizad Gustad and produced by Bharat Shah. The music is composed by Ashutosh Phatak and the lyrics are written by Kiran Kotrial. The screenplay and dialogues are written by Kaizad Gustad. The cinematography is by Kramer Morgenthau and the choreography is by Joel Braz. The star cast includes Naveen Andrews, Rahul Bose, Tara Deshpande, Alexander Gifford, Naseeruddin Shah, Roshan Seth, Luke Kenny, Vinay Pathak, Kushal Punjabi, Javed Jaffrey and Nagesh Bhosle.