Bubble Gum

Released On - 29 Jul 2011     2hr 22min

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Bubble Gum
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Vedant, played by Delzad Sanjay Hiwale, studies at Loyola School in Jamshedpur. He studies hard and is a disciplined boy but he has lost his heart to a girl called Jenny, played by Apoorva Arora. Jenny’s father is a respected police officer and Vedant is a little intimidated by him. However a boy called Ratan, is Vedant’s rival and is always trying to impress Jenny and her father by touching his feet and taking his blessings.


 Vedant comes from a humble household where his mother is a school teacher and his father is an engineer. They are worried about Vedant not preparing for his 10th board exam and wasting his time playing Holi instead. They get a telegram from his deaf brother that he is coming back from his hostel. Now Vidyut is stuck between spending time with his brother and his love Jenny. One day by accident Vidyut forgetting that his brother is still in the house goes out. His father shocked gets the fire brigade to open the door.


His father orders Vedant to take his brother with him wherever he goes and this causes a big problem in Vedant’s life. His friends laugh at his brother and his social life goes for a toss and he always has to attend to him. The movie is directed by Sanjivan Lal and produced by Sushma Kaul Ravi. The music is composed by Bapi Tutul and Haffu.