Dahek A Restless Mind

Released On - 29 Dec 2023     2hr 10min

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Bengali-speaking Monalisa lives a middle-class way of life in Mumbai in conjunction with her mother and wheelchair-bound father. She and her mother had to persevere significant hardships since she was six a long time of age after her father endured a disabled stroke. After she developed, she endured a heartbreak as her boyfriend broke off with her. Whereas selected to memorize music, she is derided at, but is empowered by her modern music instructor, Jay Mathur, who moreover moonlights as a independent columnist. Both inevitably drop in adore, she presents him to her guardians and both favor of him. Small do they know that Jay, whose mother cleared out him, and his father, a businessman, Ajay, supposedly slaughtered himself, is beneath police reconnaissance, suspected of slaughtering Sunil Saxena, Iqbal Khan, and Veeru.