Daku Kali Bhawani

Released On - 02 Jun 2000     1hr 55min

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Bhawani Pratap is a compassionate and kind man who has always helped people in distress. He is now a retired Army man and living his life one day at a time. He notices an injured dacoit Kali Singh, one day and without second thoughts gives him shelter in his house and helps him recover. Somewhere Bhawani’s conscious as a law-abiding citizen, tells him to inform the police about Kali Singh. However before the police can reach Kali, he flees from the location. However when people come to know that Bhawani had given shelter to the dreaded dacoit in his house, they are furious and disown him from his society.

Inspector Lala, Thakur and Shaitan Singh, all come to know of Bhawani’s treachery and to teach him a lesson abduct his sister and molest her. A devastated Bhawani wants nothing more than revenge from the savage three. Kali Singh at this point turns up as his aid and helps him get his revenge. The movie is directed by S R Pratap and produced by Israr Ahmad. The music is composed by Sanjiv Kohli. The star cast includes Dharamendra, Nirmal Pandey, Milind Gunaji, Mohan Joshi, Kiran Kumar, Raza Murad, Anil Nagrath, Anu Kashyap, Pramod Moutho, Joginder, Pinky Chinoy, Mahesh Raaj, Pushpa Verma and Vasudhara.