Released On - 03 Feb 2023     2hr 1min

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In 2015, a youthful specialist, Dr. Siddharth Mohanty, who has fair completed his MBBS from a government restorative college, is posted to a back of past tribal zone within the Malkangiri area. Janbai PHC has 151 towns beneath it, is scandalous for its Naxal dominance and doesn't even gloat of the foremost fundamental offices. Dr. Siddharth Mohanty arrives reluctantly, needing to stopped at the most punctual. But destiny wills something else. Daman is the story of 151 towns and one specialist to control the spread of jungle fever, the tussle between superstition and therapeutic science.

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Times Of India 4 5 Ronak Kotecha Click Here
The Quint 4 5 Pratikshya Mishra Click Here
Amarujala 3 5 Palak Shukla Click Here
Bollywood Tadka 4 5 Bollywood Tadka Team Click Here
Navodaya Times 4 5 Jyotsna Rawat Click Here