Dhamkee The Extortion

Released On - 18 Mar 2005     2hr 5min

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Jagannath Dholkiya, is a wealthy business tycoon, with his businesses spread far and wide. This has brought him under the radar of many unwanted elements of society like gangsters and mafia dons. One underworld don called Guru Sawant in particular is interested in getting his hands on Jagannat’s riches. So he makes an extortion call to him asking for a huge sum of money of he will kill his daughter. Jagannath refuses to pay the money and takes help from police inspector Vijay Saxena to protect him. Just when Sawant was about to kidnap Jagannath’s daughter Preeti, Vijay foils his plan and saves her.


Meanwhile Sawant kills Jagannath’s son and takes revenge for his refusal to pay him money. The law enforcement agencies have announced a prize money of Rs.40 million for Sawant’s arrest. Sawant then learns that Preeti and Vijay are lovers and thus does everything in his capacity to separate them and gets Vijay transferred. Now it is up to Vijay to save his love and her father from the extortion threat.


The movie is directed by Aziz Chhapra and produced by Sunil Gulati. The star cast includes Milind Gunaji, Rajat Bedi, Shweta Menon, Anang Desai, Mushtaq Khan, Master Raja, Saadhika, Deep Dhillon and Shama Deshpande. The music is composed by Mahesh Sharma and Siddhant Madhavan. The cinematography is by Akram Khan.