Fairr In Love

Released On - 06 Sep 2019     2hr 5min


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Alpana, is brought up in a wealthy and influential household, where her father is the Minister of Women Welfare of UP. They live in Kanpur and has completed most of her education there. Alpana falls in love with Dev, who is the son of the Mahuvadi Head in India. Dev and his family live in Jharkhand. The two lovers see opposition from their families and thus elope and get married. They settle in Goa to have a peaceful and contented life away from the disapproving eyes of their families.


Dev and Alpana’s married life starts well but somewhere things start going wrong when she is unable to conceive. Desperate to have a child she is stressed and unable to be happy anymore. They both finally decide to do a health checkup where it is discovered that Dev has a low sperm count. She blames him for their marital problems and goes to an NGO to help kids. One night Alpana gets raped and soon learns that she is now pregnant.


The movie is directed and produced by A.K Mishra. The music is composed by Umesh Mishra.The cinematography is by Ravikant Reddy. The star cast includes Firoz Khan, Kanupriya Sharma, Ashwin Dhar and Dolly Arya.