Farz Ki Keemat

Released On - 01 Jan 1985     2hr 49min

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Radha is devastated at the death of her mother and decides to move from her home town in Punjab to the city of Bombay. She goes to her uncle for shelter but he refuses to help her, thus leaving her to fend for herself. Meanwhile she gets accidentally hit by a taxi carrying a gang of men helmed by Tony and Durjan. She is rescued by a CBI officer named Ravi. The latter has a map to a treasure and kidnap him to retrieve it. Ravi somehow narrowly escapes and not only nabs the gang but also gets back the map of the treasure. The film is directed by Sudhir Wahi and produced by A M Farooq and Fakir Mohammed. The music is composed by Sonik Omi. The star cast includes Ashok Kumar, Premnath, Satish Kaul, Bhavan Bhatt, Dev Kumar, Anjana and Bindu.