Gadar 1947 Ikk Vichhoda

Released On - 16 Feb 2024     1hr 50min

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Gadar 1947 Ikk Vichhoda
Indian Film History

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Set against the backdrop of the partition of India and Pakistan, "Gadar 1947 Ikk Vichhoda" weaves a poignant tale of love and separation. Amidst the chaos of thousands being torn apart, we follow the journey of Som and Noora-a love story entangled in the web of religious divisions.

As the narrative unfolds, we grapple with profound questions: Will Som defy tradition and change his religion for Noora`s sake? Can their love bridge the chasm created by partition? Or will their story remain a bittersweet memory-a testament to the times they lived in?

"Gadar 1947 Ikk Vichhoda" invites us to explore the complexities of love, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of those caught in the whirlwind of history.