Released On - 08 Nov 2019     2hr 0min

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Bikram works for a multinational company. His wife passed away. He has physical attachment with his colleague poonam. His daughter Simi wants to be an actress. But he doesn't agree and he forces Simi to go back to Bangalore for higher education. He never looks after her . Poonam has live in relationship with joy. She has no feelings for him. very often they get physical. Joy wants to be a director. He is in searching for a producer for his script. He has feelings for Poonam but she doesn't even care for it. When he comes to know that Poonam has relation with his boss he tried to understand Poonam . Continuous ignorance, stress , loneliness makes him to feel for Binita . Binita is a housewife . She lost her children in an accident by his husband. She wants to forget everything but she can't. Therefore she has no attachment with Amit.. even when she comes to know that Amit has an extramarital affair she becomes speechless. After meeting joy she starts to think for herself. Amit is a ...