Jallad No 1

Released On - 01 Jan 2000     1hr 27min



Shankar, played by Dharmendra is an executioner at a local jail. He is disheartened to know that a man called Joshi is in fact innocent but still sentenced to death. Diligent police officer Arhun tries his best to rescue Joshi of his ill fate but is sadly unable to and Shankar is forced and bound by his duties to follow orders of killing Joshi. Shankar feels burdened by this act of cruelty and is traumatized, thus quitting his job for good. He is now unable to find a job as no one would hire a former executioner of a prison. This leaves Shankar’s family in deep financial turmoil.


Meanwhile left with no choice, Shankar helps a group of goons find a treasure. However the group tricks Shankar and gets him arrested. Shankar now swears revenge on the goons.


The movie is directed by Kanti Shah and produced by O.P Goyal. The film is written by Bashir Babbar. The music is composed by Ghulam Ali Chandar.