Released On - 02 Feb 2009     2hr 5min

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Juari could be a social show that tells the story of a courageous boy and his courageous endeavor against the fiendish of society. The film depicts the story of a destitute boy, turning into a wealthy and fruitful man. Sanat Beam Chowdhury, too known as Sanat, imagined of winning parts of cash. He gets to be the proprietor of numerous Betting clubs and tries to reach the best by overcoming all his competitors. Other than this the film too appears the fun and obedient life of Sontu with his companions. He too falls in adore with a young lady among his companions. But for his ill will he loses his childhood companion Saika who goes by the title of Infant. The film closes with a vindicate which Sanat takes by slaughtering his adversaries and in this way satisfying his dream. The motion picture addresses numerous characters and their parallel ways of life and stories, all of which are inter-connected with each other. It has numerous turns and turns, which can keep you charmed all through.