Kaash Hamara Dil Pagal Na Hota

Released On - 19 Mar 2004    

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Raja Mahendra Pratap, the reigning monach of India, is a man of honor and compassion. He has five sons who have now grown up to be handsome princes. Mahendra Pratap is however not happy with the upbringing of his sons and wants them to be more like royalty. He consults with a well known doctor who suggests to get them married to sensible and attractive women, who will give them a grounding they need in their life. Raja entrusts the job of searching potential brides for their sons, to the doctor himself.


After a few days the doctor brings five beautiful women and introduces them to the five sons who are instantly attracted to them. Over time they all fall in love with the five women and decide to marry them. However there is a catch. Little do they know that all the five women are con-women who are hand in glove with the doctor in finding a royal treasure that is kept in the palace of the monach. They are desperate to get the map to the treasure and escape as soon as possible.


The movie is directed by Mangal Anand and produced by Harish. The music is composed by Hirju Roy and the lyrics are written by Tejpal Kaur. The star cast includes Chetan Aneja, Sunil Singh, Mithun Purandare and Nigel Borade.