Kaashh Mere Hote

Released On - 09 Jan 2009     2hr 4min

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Krish is a top fashion photographer and very enthusiastic about his work and commitments. He is deeply in love with Radhika and they both plan on marrying soon in the near future. Meanwhile Krish gets a photography assignment in Mauritius and decides to stay there for a few days to complete it. There a girl called Piya lays her eyes on Krish and its love at first sight. She meets him and befriends him and everything seems normal to Krish, however things aren’t what they seem. Piya has secretly become obsessed with Krish and wants him in his life at any cost.


Krish one day happens to tell Piya that he is in love with Radhika. This upsets Piya and she wants the other woman out of her way. She is ready to do anything to get him in his life, even if it means killing someone. One day Krish takes a bungalow on rent and Piya grabs this opportunity to seduce him but in vain. He has eyes only for Radhika and this doesn’t go down well with the stubborn and strong-headed Piya.


The movie is directed by B H Tharun Kumar and produced by Shravan Kumar. The star cast includes Kumar Saahil, Hemant Birje, Sneha Ullalal, Johnny Lever, Anupam Kher, Rajesh Khanna, Mushtaq Khan, Shashi Kiran, Anil Dhawan, Avtar Gill, Javed Khan, Vikas, Suresh, Gavie Chahal, Satyavrat Mudgal, Krishna Bansal and Sanna Mirza.