Kaberi Antardhan

Released On - 20 Jan 2023     2hr 20min

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It all begins when Mrinmoy Ghosh (Kaushik Sen), the effective head police officer in Hatimara, known for chasing down Naxal safeguarding in his range, is found dead at his home. Arghya Sen (Prosenjit), a charming middle-aged lone ranger, who takes Mrinmoy`s child Amartya`s craftsmanship classes, visits their house when the puzzle unfurls. On his entry, he learns that not as it were has Mrinmoy been murdered, but Kaberi Bhattacharya (Srabanti), Mrinmoy`s wonderful sister, is additionally missing! Will the modern officer-in-charge, Pritam Singh (Indraneil), be able to assist Arghya and Mrinmoy`s family track down Kaberi, and translate the clues behind Mrinmoy`s kill, within the middle of a politically riotous time? Or will the tanked and untrustworthy criminologist Gokul Debnath crash the examinations, and bring unanticipated truths to light?