Kali Basti

Released On - 01 Jan 1985     2hr 24min

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Kali Basti
Indian Film History
Kali Basti
Indian Film History
Kali Basti
Indian Film History

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Durga Singh is a widow living with her son Karan and daughter
Rakhi. Their seemingly happy world comes to a standstill when
one day the ruthless Thakur tries to molest Durga. Karan sees
this and is furious. In a fit of rage, he kills the Thakur. His
mother then advices him to run away or else he will be
arrested and beaten by the cops. Karan does as told and runs
off. He is then adopted by a childless couple, Pater and Mary
Periera who treat him as his own. Years pass by and Karan has
grown up and become a businessman of his own accord. His
reputation of being a ruthless gangster spreads far and wide.

Meanwhile police officer Raghuvanshi has been put in charge
of the mission to nab many gangsters like Karan. However he
gets killed and the blame now comes on Karan who has
become a fugitive of law. The film is directed by Sudesh Issar
and produced by Satish Khanna. The music is composed by
Laxmikant Pyarelal. The star cast includes Shatrughan Sinha,
Vijayendra, Reena Roy, Prem Chopra, Om Prakash, Ranjit
Sharma, Sujit Kumar, Dev Kumar, Paintal and Purnima.