Kandy Twist

Released On - 27 Sep 2019     2hr 5min

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Kandy Twist
Indian Film History


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Rocky, is a automobile enthusiast and also works at a coffee shop part time to get some extra cash on hands. He is happy with his job and has a loving and super caring girlfriend. Above all he has a doting dad, who has always supported his ambitions and encourages him to do what he likes in life to attain success. However his dreams turn the other way round when new neighbors come to stay in the house next door. They are wealthy, good looking and with loads of attitude. Tina and John De’Cruz turn Rocky’s world upside down with their entry.


Tina and Rocky meet on many occasions and turns out she has designs on him. Her every word is seduction and every move is tempting for him. However things go horribly wrong when he becomes involved in a murder investigation, he knows nothing about. The movie is directed by Shiva Rindan and the star cast includes Divya Singh, Adi Irani, Shiva Rindani and Ashish Mishra.

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Times Of India 1.5 5 Pallabi Dey Purkayastha Click Here